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Explore the Amazing Benefits of Claim Management Feature in our Practice Management Software for CAs

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Our Practice Management Software for CA Firms, Simplify Practice has a bunch of amazing features and one of them is Claims Management.

Why is Claim Management so important in a CA firm? Because it streamlines key processes required to make claims; resulting in a more productive, cost-effective and improved work culture.

Articles travelling for several audits- IT returns, Book Keeping, Project Audits, Income Tax audits etc. is a very common scenario. Expenses need to be recorded on daily basis. Gone those days where in paper was a medium of keeping records. It’s time to go paperless. With the upscale of digitalization, keeping records has become convenient and easy.

Claims Management in Simplify Practice is a very special feature since it is focused on smoothening the internal operations. A noteworthy benefit of our CA Practice Management Solution is any employee can apply for claims before the expense. Also, you can also apply for claims after you’ve made the expense.

Our Practice Management software for CA firms calculate the claims by itself considering the basic costs. For instance, an article just needs to input data of how they travelled and the number of kilometer they journeyed. Our solution will itself calculate the cost based on the current fuel price. This peculiar feature helps to reduce the chances of making false claims. We call Simplify Practice a “Safe” Practice Management Software for Chartered Accountants.

A successful claims management software aims at continuous improvement, rather than a final destination. Even small tweaks here and there can make a big difference to your bottom line. It’s all about making connections between your systems, your people and your strategies.

So, are you ready to explore our Practice Management Software for CA now?

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