You are currently viewing Simplify Practice Mobile App for Chartered Accountants to Simplify On-the-Go Practice Management

Simplify Practice Mobile App for Chartered Accountants to Simplify On-the-Go Practice Management

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If you are a Chartered Accountant, traveling is an inevitable part of your profession. Apart from traveling for audits, you have to meet your clients- new as well as old.

We, at Vritti Solutions understand the value of time and efforts of a Chartered Accountant. We understand how to transform the time of traveling into some productive activity. Hence, our expert team of developers has come up with a one-stop solution for On-the-Go Practice Management that increases the overall efficiency and productivity of a CA firm.

A professional always looks for utilizing time. Vritti Solutions have identified this need and have designed a Practice Management Mobile App.

So, now, the question is what all you can do while you’re traveling on Simplify Practice Mobile App-

  1. You can allocate resources to projects
  2. You can check your Articles’ attendance and their work schedule
  3. You can review their work and performance
  4. You can have easy access to all your data

Let’s hear from Mr. Ted who owns a Chartered Accountant Firm in Bangalore on how effective is the new Simplify Practice Mobile App-

I am always on-the-move. My professional life is fast paced. Sometimes I am on bank audit, stock audit or meeting clients for new projects. I discovered that a lot of time is getting wasted in traveling while I can utilize that time. I stopped meeting clients; but soon realized that is something I can’t avoid. I came across Simplify Practice Mobile App and from that day, it changed the way I worked. I utilized my traveling time in allocating resources to new projects and reviewing what are my people doing. Even my people are happy as they have started getting quick feedbacks from my end

I recommend Simplify Practice Mobile App for On-the-Go Practice Management.

Are you too busy traveling and not able to give in time to manage your CA firm? Then, download Simplify Practice App now from the Play Store.


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