Large Assignment

It deals with assignments of complex nature and challenging processes. The cost, time and efforts to complete these kind of assignments are substantial. This module is designed to generate, update and track end-to-end processes, activities and tasks of a huge team as well as it allows to measure their performances individually.

Assignment Record

Assignment Record is an exclusive tool for work assignment planning and a core feature of our practice management software. This feature enables you to plan, organize, monitor and control the work assignment. Moreover, this feature gives insight on the specific requirement of client and permits to record the change requests if any. Deciding and analyzing three prominent factors- time, efforts and cost of an assignment can be done through this feature.

Assignment Record is useful for:

  • →Creating Assignments
  • →Estimating Efforts, Time and Cost of an Assignment
  • →Capturing the Requirements of the Client
  • →Managing the Overall Workflow

Team Formation

A team working in unity and sync is the key to a successful assignment.  Hence, it is very important to pick up appropriate resources for a particular assignment.  Team Formation is a unique feature designed to form a team with respect to checking their work load. The feature showcases unoccupied, occupied and over-occupied employees and directors/partners. Also, it exhibits KSA (Knowledge-Skills-Attributes) of each employee, which eases out the process of forming a team.

Team Formation is useful for:

  • →Analyzing Team Requirement
  • →Building a Perfect Team
  • →Assigning Roles and Responsibilities
  • →Defining a Team Leader
  • →Setting a Communication Hierarchy
  • →Setting an Escalation Matrix
  • →Team Allocation

Sub Assignment

Company accounts filing has various measures like accounts, audits, asset verification, balance sheet preparation, etc. Each of these tasks needs explicit team for precise execution. Hence, this feature helps in creating sub – assignments to monitor the progress level.

Sub-Assignment Feature is useful for:

  • →Time & Effort Estimation
  • →Team Allocation
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Make Process

Assignment without a process is meaningless. Once the assignment is formed, it is obligatory to figure out a process. The accumulated progress of multiple processes will generate the result of specific assignment. The Make Process Feature facilitates in creating processes along with different types of start and end points. It helps to manage parallel or individual processes to be performed. You can assign time-line and resources to each of the processes. This will clear on overlapping or blank spot in time or team management. During execution, the assigned team member can update the progress status of specific process. Team members can also record required changes, amendment or alterations in the process.

Make Process Feature is useful for:

  • →Creating Processes for an Assignment
  • →Defining Time and Resource
  • →Assigning Process Owner
  • →Progress Reporting
  • →Recording Changes in the Assignment
  • →Process Log


Every assignment has a budget. This feature defines a budget of a particular assignment. It bids complete set of planning, tracking and managing the budget of your work assignment. Tracking a budget is a tedious job. But, this feature allows you to track the actual cost with respect to budgetary provision. With just one click, you can visit the dashboard where in you can view the number of profile of your work assignment. It helps in decision making processes for the professional practitioner.

Budget Feature is useful for:  

  • →Creating Budgetary Heads
  • →Creating, Editing and Allocating a Budget for an Assignment
  • →Simplifying Budget on Process Level
  • →Inflow and Outflow Management
  • →Estimating Calculator
  • →Budget Oscillation Indicator
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Minutes Of Meeting

Clear communication and precise thought processes are must in any work assignment. Hence, it is essential to maintain the record of communication by the Professional Practitioner. This feature helps you in creating Minutes of the Meeting, which you can share with the concerned stakeholder, meeting participants and clients through this system on a single click. It will also produce a log of minutes, which can be referred by you at any point of time.

Minutes of Meeting Feature is useful for:

  • →Keeping a Record of Communication
  • →Drafting Minutes
  • →Log of Minutes
  • →Notifications of Action to be taken

Create Task

Large Assignment includes multiple processes and multiple tasks. Each task is important in its own way and needs to be properly managed. This feature allows creating, updating and tracking end-to-end tasks. It regulates assigning, aligning and observing the level of progress and performance. Also, it is the best tool for setting accountability at task level.

Create Task Feature is useful for:

  • →Creating, Editing and Managing Task
  • →Assigning Team
  • →Re-assigning Team
  • →Timeline Settings
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Use Predefine Checklist

The checklist helps in ensuring assured results of the work. The predefined checklist is performed during assignment execution. This feature offers a facility for creating multiple checklists and assigning those to respective processes. It assists the team to comprehensive pathway for achieving a set target. It tracks and analyzes shortfall in work execution.

Use Predefine Checklist is useful for:

  • →Creating, Editing and Managing Checklist
  • →Assigning Checklist to Task or Process
  • →Timeline Settings
  • →Reporting and Performance Analysis

Execute Review Control (PDCA)

A risk mitigation strategy is a must to avert any kind of risk in completion of an assignment. This attribute helps in dealing with current realistic or futuristic problems. The PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT (PDCA) strategy supports in identifying and understanding problems or opportunities by analyzing data/information. It supports in decision making, reviewing the success of the action plan and checking the viability of success ratio. This feature provides an end-to-end support for reviewing the performance.

Execute Review Control Feature is useful for:

  • →Planning a Review Strategy
  • →Executing on Pilot Processes
  • →Checking the Performance
  • →Reviewing the Information
  • →Monitoring the Progress Rate
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This Monitor gives insights on an overall assignment management. It offers a diagrammatic presentation of critical information related to large assignment so it easy to understand and interpret. With the help of this feature, real-time data of assignment status, activity-wise report, resource status and performance status, cost status, etc. can be easily seen, which helps in faster decision making.  

Monitor Feature is useful for:

  • Pre-defined Dashboard
  • →Fully-customized Dashboard
  • →Detailing Information
  • →Generating Bird-eye View Report

Profitability Report

Large Assignment involves time, cost and effort at a higher level. The professional assignment involves of practitioners at various levels. Time or effort lapse may result in a huge loss. This feature showcases assignment-based profitability analysis.

Profitability Report is useful for:

  • →Creating Pre-defined Reports
  • →Generating Fully-customized Reports
  • →Parameter-based Analysis
  • →Detailing the Information
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