Small Assignment

Small Assignment is the best specified task-based assignment. During professional practice, some requirement entails rapid time and efforts. It is more specific and involving single task performance. It does not require a complex workflow to complete the assignment. Even though it involves cost, time and efforts, henceforth, needs to be tracked. The module is exclusively designed for such kind of requirement.

Record Ticket

Record Ticket is an add-on feature that supports to cope up with client’s requirement or specific process to initiate. This feature helps you to record such requirement on this portal. You can decide scope, priority, level of skill-sets required, etc. for its resolution. It also helps you in allocating the work to specific team leader or member for further execution. This feature also ensures response to each ticket in decided time-frame. It has alerts and notifications facility. This feature includes;

  • Create, Edit and Manage Ticket
  • Assign Ticket
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Notification and Alert
  • Escalation


This feature contributes to keep track of clients’ requirements. It helps in increasing satisfaction and retention of the client. It provides you in-depth insight into the client’s requirement, resolutions status, and performance analysis. It also supports the decision-making process. This feature includes;

  • Pre-defined Dashboard
  • Fully-customized Dashboard
  • Detailing information
  • Bird-eye view report