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Reasons to Choose Simplify Practice during a Covid-19 Pandemic

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Not 1, Not 2. But, we have 3 significant reasons to choose robust, Practice Management software that helps in automating multiple functions and processes.

Developed by Vritti Solutions, Simplify Practice is specifically designed for Chartered Accountants and Professionals to deal with day-to-day operations. It allows the users to view the processes and assess performance metrics digitally. So, from any corner of the world, any time, you can automate and track your business operations. Simplify Practice enhances the overall operations of any business and especially, in today’s time, when the working model is shifted to remote.

The second wave of pandemic has made the situation even worse. Businesses that had opened their offices are now again shutting their offices and working from home.

So, this is the right time to buy Simplify Practice and to justify our statement we highlight 3 reasonable reasons-

  1. Help you to keep a track of work and employees- In a remote working model; it is crucial to keep a track of your work and activities of your employees. There are more chances of work delays and having unorganized work structure. However, Simplify Practice helps you to keep an organized record of your work, assign work to your subordinates and track their activities. On this basis, organizations can assess their performance and the entire process of operations is eased out.
  2. Saves time and increases productivity- You no longer need to follow up on your assigned work and assignments my writing emails or making a phone call. To know all the updates, you are just a software away! This helps in saving time and investing time to do more work. Also, our chat feature restricts the use of social media for chatting during working hours. Instead, the user can simply chat on our software with individuals as well as group.
  3. Bridge between you and the customer- How do you maintain a relationship with your customers, when you’ll don’t meet them? It is not feasible to call or text them every day. Simplify Practice allows engagement campaigns, activities related to invoices, sending proposals and generating and tracking of mandates that bridges the gap between your customer and you.

These reasons are more than enough to buy a Practice Management Software like Simplify Practice.

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