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Centralize Your Transaction Data with Simplify Practice

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Have you ever thought why centralization of transaction data is given so much of importance? If not, then today we take you through Eddy’s story, who has very well realized how crucial it is.  

Eddy is the Manager at Banarasi & Co. It is veteran CA firm that practices a mix of traditional and modern approach for management. He has a pool of knowledgeable articles that very well handle the clients and their transactions. However, unfortunately, two of his articles are infected with Covid-19 virus and their work is to be taken over by Eddy. It was a hard time for Eddy to coordinate with their clients as he didn’t have the data and get work aligned. That is when he thought what if he had all the data centralized…

Developed by Vritti Solutions, Simplify Practice is a robust and user-friendly Practice Management software for Professionals working at a CA firm. It is specifically designed to smoothen and efficiently manage the work assignment process. Apart from this, there is a special Customer Relationship Management tool that goes beyond managing customer relationships.

Simplify Practice helps in centralizing your transaction data.

If Eddy would have had Simplify Practice, he would have benefited in the following ways-

  1. He would have kept a real-time check of received and receivable transactions, irrespective of his location.
  2. He would have saved time in coordinating with his clients and discussing the same work that his articles have already discussed once.
  3. Less of communication on phone calls, which would have led to better productivity.
  4. Record keeping would have been paperless and thus, booting efficiency.
  5. Curtailed the chances of redundancy.
  6. Facilitated seamless handover process.
  7. Convenient in work from home situation.
  8. A more structured way of keeping records.
  9. Access of data to multiple personnel.
  10. Easy for articles/managers to understand the data in cohesion.

So, if you are looking to centralize your transaction data, Simplify Practice is the right solution.

Don’t suffer like Eddy. Buy Simplify Practice now! For more details, write to us at

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