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Vritti Solutions Announces Major Expansion in the APAC Regions

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Vritti Solutions Announces Major Expansion in the APAC Regions

Good news for the developing nations of the APAC regions. Soon, they will be supported with state-of-the-art IT solutions that will ease businesses processes and increase productivity.

Vritti Solutions is expanding its business in the budding markets of APAC. However, our expansion plans are kickstarting from Nepal and then, we are eyeing on Bangladesh and UAE.

“Nepal lies between two fastest growing economies, India and China and therefore, it is expected to get preferred for association from these countries. Affordable and talented workforce are one of the advantages of choosing Nepal to initiate our mission of expansion” says Mr. Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Co-Founder, Director & CMO of Vritti Solutions.

In today’s time, every company is finding ways to enhance its level of productivity and efficiency to achieve their business goals, even in work from home situation. Businesses, whether it is large and small, have to deal with managing daily tasks, projects and resources. Coordinating becomes a tedious task while working from home. But now, no more! Having a sophisticated and one stop, cloud-based solution that can help them to keep everything organized in all different business operations in a way that is scalable, accurate and profitable is beneficial.  Therefore, using technology becomes the need of the hour.

Vritti Solutions comes up with EKATM ERP, optimal and advanced project management software. From maintaining tasks, organizing meetings, managing resources, maintaining timesheets to requesting for claims and applying for leaves, everything can be managed under one umbrella.

Having 9 offices across India, we are IT enthusiasts offering software solutions including ERP, CRM, WMS, Adat Soft, Petro Soft and Simplify Practice. We are serving customers since 1993 and look forward to innovate more solutions in the coming years.

To know more about us or our software, visit our website or write to us at

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