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How Employee Monitoring Software like Simplify Practice Enhances your Revenue?

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In the initial days of the pandemic, most of the companies were skeptical about the concept of ‘work from home’. They were clueless on controlling their employees, tracking their performance and at the same time, maintain the same productive work environment. However, the companies had no option, but to try the remote working model.

Vritti Solutions is a very foresighted company. We know remote working is the future. That is why, we have developed Simplify Practice, a Practice Management Software for Chartered Accountants and Professionals, known for its special feature, Employee Monitoring.

Employee Monitoring is basically tracking your employees’ activities- what assignments they are working one, which ones they have closed and what are the upcoming ones. This feature tracks the work and the status of the assignments. It is in a way ensuring that the employees are being productive. All this is directly proportionate to the revenue of the company.

Simplify Practice has 2 unique features under Employee Monitoring-

Task and Time: This feature supports the managers and higher authority for managing tasks of the employees. Digitally managing the tasks increases efficiency of the employees as assigning it becomes faster. Here you can individually track their performance.  You can also set a realistic timeline and milestones of the achievable. It gives real-time notifications and alerts related to the assigned task. Employee or team has a facility to enter a time log and have the self-tracking mechanism. The team can prioritize, update and track the assigned task.

Attendance: This feature helps to calculate time and attendance automatically with multiple combinations of time slots, excess working, on-field/ on-site work. It also supports in split working shifts and leaves management. You can track the attendance of on-site employee by using GPS Technology. This feature in Remote Employee Monitoring module makes your attendance processing quick and automatic.

Employee Monitoring in Simplify Practice is all about monitoring the employee without letting them know that they are being monitored. Otherwise, they can be conscious or suspicious about your work culture.

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