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Remotely Monitoring Your People is No Longer a Task for Chartered Accountants!

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Gone those days when working from home was just a static model.

Now, all thanks to the amalgamation of digitization, technology and innovation to make ‘work-from-home’ a much serious and a must-needed model of working!

Organizations, including the CA Firms- big or small around the world, had to shift to a remote working model due to the pandemic. They have happily accepted digitization because of some software/ platforms that allow them to track their employees’ activities.

Most of the companies would agree to the fact that remote working is a bit challenging when it comes to monitoring and controlling activities of employees.

Vritti Solutions identifies the challenge and brings a solution.

Developed by Vritti Solutions, Simplify Practice is a robust and user-friendly Practice Management Software specifically designed to smoothen and ease out operations of an ideal CA firm.

Simplify Practice makes employee management a cakewalk. From creating, updating and managing tasks to managing a team and reviewing work of individual employees, our Practice Management Software works as a magic tool in the times of pandemic.

Geo-tracking helps to track the location of the employees. Moreover, maintaining the record of attendance of employees can be done- biometric-based and GPS-based.

Receivable Management is also reflected in the software. So, you don’t need to intimate your employees or colleagues to follow up for payments.

Simplify Practice offers flexibility and transparency of allocating and reviewing work.

According to Donovan, a workplace with flexibility leads to a happier and productive workforce. So, are you in for making your workforce happier and productive, even in the times of pandemic? Simplify Practice is the right stop for you!

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