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How the Assignment Feature of Simplify Practice can be a boon in the work from home situation for Professional Practitioners?

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Apprehensive about how to deal with complex projects in work from home situation? It is challenging to work on projects with resources not being under one roof and the focus is more on co-ordination, instead of execution…

However, it’s high time; we should accept this situation as a part of our new normal life.

We, at Vritti Solutions have developed a solution that eases out your challenges to deal with a big project.

Our solution, Simplify Practice is innovative, user-friendly and has a bouquet of features to offer.  The most significant feature is the Assignment, which is segregated in to 3 parts- Large, Medium and Small.

No need to get worried for handling and managing big projects! The Large Assignment feature is the one stop solution to your challenges. It allows you to maintain a record of your assignments so that you don’t have to keep on writing long emails to your subordinates or colleagues on stating what projects are you on and what is the status of your work. With this, you are able to save time and indirectly, increase your productivity and efficiency.

All your workload can be analyzed by your seniors and vice versa.

Big projects need a big team to handle. The Large Assignment feature helps you to play a role of the leader and form a team sitting at home. For specific tasks like asset verification, balance sheet preparation etc., where an explicit team is required to work precisely, it allows sub-assignments.

Clear communication and precise thought processes are two most crucial aspects of a remotely working model. Hence, it becomes necessary for Professional Practitioners to maintain a record of communication, which is possible through a Minutes of Meeting feature under the Large Assignment.

The large assignment feature acts as a magic tool and work wonders at the time of big projects in the time of work from home situation.

For simpler projects that involve fewer processes, the Medium Assignment feature can be used and for task-based projects, we can use Small Assignment feature.

Henceforth, don’t hesitate to take big projects. Simplify Practice is at your rescue.

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