Business Case study of Simplify Practice Clients


If Big Four firms are been put aside around 90% of CA firms do not use a practice management tool in managing the office work.



The main issue faced by all the CA firms during Covid-19 was to manage work from a remote location.

To maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the office staff.

A centralized location where the documents can be stored.

To manage the unplanned absentee of the office staff.



A client from Punjab was having an issue with managing the work of employees and to check the pending work of his clients. Through Simplify Practice software he was able to track activities of every staff, total daily hours booked by employees, and avoid piling of pending work.

A client from Surat city was facing an issue of payment of Interest and fines because of delay in filing of returns due to many clients’ follow up. The software helped the client to properly manage the client work, set the deadline, and get informed once the activity gets delayed.

A client from Delhi, wanted software where the attendance by employees can be maintained since he was not able to use biometric attendance since most of the staff was working from home. Through Simplify Practice they were able to mark the attendance from desktop as well as through our Mobile Application as well as manage any unplanned absentee since software also gives facility of leave management.